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At J.D. Marine & Sons we understand the challenges that working on water can bring. That's why with JDM, your project will benefit from working with professionals that understand the complexities of working in a marine environment, with a range of equipment and experience gives JDM the capability to undertake the mjaority of marine projects and are able to be flexible and adapt to meet the project requirements.

JDM offer a range of services for the marine sector from river and inland waterway work to jetty/pier construction and repairs and has the capacity to carry out contracts being the pricipal contractor or sub contractor.

Operating a fleet of vessels available for charter, and can provide support for all types of marine operations.

With the experience of a fully qualified professional team along with the marine plant and equipment enable JDM to provide a bespoke service to our customers, providing the support and flexibilty needed to meet the project requirements.

At JDM we work closely with local businesses and authorities to provide an excellent call-out response service 24 hours a day, with our agility and experience in dealing with changing situations which best enable JDM to provider flexibility in delivery needed.

Contract experience in the marine and civil environment includes:

  • Jetty & Pier Construction
  • Fendering System Installation
  • Sea Defence & River Flood Protection
  • Buoy & Mooring Deployment/Tending
  • Inland Waterway/River Dredging
  • Flood Elevation & River Works
  • Culvert & Outfall Repairs
  • Bridge Abutment & Pier Repairs
  • Environment Spill Response
  • Pontoon & Mooring Installation

All types of marine work undertaken:

  • Jetty repair specialists
  • Marine civil engineering
  • Craft for hire or charter
  • Renewable energy support
  • Inspection & survey
  • Barge & jack-up support
  • Towing/pushing
  • Marine salvage - demolition
  • Crew transfers
  • Pilot duties
  • Buoy & mooring deployment
  • Cargo/load transportation
  • Shallow water & river works
  • Harbour & marina work
  • Flood defence work
  • Dredging services
  • Site investigations
  • Ship repairs & surveys
  • On-site weilding & fabrication

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